Job Settling vs. Dream Reaching

I don’t know if most of you are aware but millennials on average switch jobs more frequently  than their predecessors. The new norm is “job-hopping,” where most of us stay with a job usually up to 2 years. I, myself have been working odd jobs since I was 13 so this concept is very familiar to me. I worked 1-3 jobs at a time while I was a full time student in college because it was a necessity for me. A job was just a job and nothing more. I’ve never even considered it could be more because it seemed unreal, a mere fantasy I only daydream about during work at jobs I could care less about. Currently, I have moved back in with my parents post-college and took my sweet ole’ time contemplating my next move. It’s pretty intimidating when you look around and see all your peers working at billion dollar company’s or going to prestigious grad school and you’re living with your parents…working as a waitress. Not that there is anything wrong with being a waitress! It just felt wrong because of what I was over analyzing in my head. I talked to some friends who were applying to grad school and convinced me that was the way to go. It’s easy, what else are you going to do? Woah. That struck a chord with me. I received a bachelors from UC Davis for Community Development and thought that I’d probably go into Nonprofit work. My brain didn’t light up when I thought about it but it was something I could use my degree for and I would help people at least. So I applied to nonprofit positions and received an offer from Americorps. It was a community coordinator position at a nonprofit in Sacramento. Great. I was actually really excited to work with good people and move back closer to where my college friends were. Everything was falling into place! I had a plan and it felt safe. I knew what my life would be like and I’d be content..I think. I was all set to go and told all my friends. I started looking into grad schools I would probably apply to after working there. Just like that the next 5 years was set. Fuck. No. Wait! Why is it like this? Is this it? I’m I suppose to just go along with it? I know I’m not any more special than the next person but I’m just supposed to be content with this? Naturally, my psyche went into a frenzy and I had existential crises which have been happening a lot lately. At this point I’m spiraling. Metaphorically people! Then I happened to be reading the book, “The Alchemist,” which is about a sheep herder that ends up at the pyramids to fulfill his “personal legend.” Basically the main character goes on a coming of age quest you all are probably familiar with if you’ve ever been exposed to any pop-culture or movies growing up. In my mental breakdown, reading this book gave me an epiphany. I wasn’t about to go on a quest like Frodo Baggins or anything but something in this book hit me hard. It mentioned that the heart is going to suffer no matter what so why not listen to it and suffer for the things that are going to be worthwhile for you personally. It wasn’t a light bulb turning on moment but a moment where in my crazy mental breakdown, there was something that made sense. I know it’s kind of cheesy follow your heart scheme but I had this moment of if I’m going to live a life with inevitable hardships and blah blah, I should at least make this shit count for me. It’s easier said then done, I know. We are constantly told what we should do and presented images of what would makes us happy as soon as we are born. It’s going to take some will power and some chutzpah to kind of silence all of this soft brain washing. So, in the words of Frost, “take the road less traveled,” or in the words of I “stop giving a shit of what you’ve been told you should do and just do what you want to do.” I have to tell that to myself everyday and fight for it because if I don’t then life will decide for you. So friends, take your fists and pound your chest and be bold, take a chance on yourself and give that secret passion a chance. Even if it ends up being some kind of weird ventriloquy. You never know where it might take you.


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